About Us

European federalists are an ideal association working for a federal and democratic EU. We believe that the solution to many of the problems we see today is increased cooperation and more unity in Europe, no less.

In order to create a Europe that is safe and secure for its citizens, a more effective and more democratic system is needed, where citizens themselves get more influence. With more economic and political integration, problems can also be solved more quickly and security is guaranteed for all citizens of Europe. Most major challenges today are cross-border, which requires cross-border solutions, and effective ones can not be achieved under the current system that is filled with splitting and brake pads. As federalists, we want to make decisions by those affected by them – at the right level.

Our work

The European federalists are ideally funded, politically and religiously united. The foundation of our business is the fervent interest and hard work of our members for a peaceful, safe and democratic federal Europe.

Each year, the association’s membership meeting establishes an activity plan that will be carried out during the year with the help of the board and members. In addition to regular activities like seminars and lectures, we also have a lot of activities online via Facebook, Twitter and our own website. We write articles, discuss and create opinion.

The board

Michael Holz

Michael Holz, President – michael.holz@europafederalisterna.eu

Johan Alkstål

Johan Alkstål, Treasurer – johan.alkstal@europafederalisterna.eu

Föreningens logotyp i svartvitt

Mattias Henriksson, Secretary – mattias.henriksson@europafederalisterna.eu